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HAMMER AND TONGS 100 x 120 cm Oil on canvas

The Dangers of Electricity (to Walsall).jpg

THE DANGERS OF ELECTRICITY (TO WALSALL) 150 x 210 cm  Oil on canvas


BEACON 100 x 130 cm Oil on canvas

                RICKETY SCAFFOLDING   120 x 95cm Oil on canvas                                           

Sumps and Pullers.jpg
SHAFTS AND PULLERS  150 x 180 cm Oil on canvas

SLINGSHOTS AND SKYHOOKS 130 X 150cm Oil on canvas

THE DANGERS OF ELECTRICITY 130 x 150 cm Oil on canvas


CATAPULT 120 X 150 CM Oil on canvas

Phaethon (tumble) large.jpg

PHAETHON (Tumble) 130 x 150 cm Oil on canvas

Hammer andTongs.jpg

HAMMER AND TONGS 95 X 130 CM Oil on Canvas

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